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Math Tutoring in Marin County

Mathematics is an infinitely dense subject, so it is no wonder that students get caught up in its seemingly confusing depths. Show me two mathematicians, and I will show you two people who do math differently. What that means, in terms of math tutoring is, that each student needs to find a way of working with math that works for them. What I do is help that student develop their individual style in such a way that they can compete in an academic forum. If I can establish rapport with the student, then I am confident in my ability to bring out their inherent math abilities. I offer every prospective client a free initial consultation, the purpose of which is to make introductions, gain an understanding of the students’ best learning modality, and come up with a doable work plan to accomplish the students’ goals. It is my goal to teach a student how to be a better math student, and thus work myself out of a job.